Monday, July 09, 2007

Is it true Pakistan terrorize the Terrorist?

By Romi Adetio S

Graduate student of Aligarh Muslim University, India.
After the previous condemnation of the terrorist from the Non-Islamic alignment countries such as western people including America, they put ahead onto the region of Pakistan, Afghanistan and other Islamic countries, and notice that these areas are the base activities of the terrorism.

Pakistan under Pervez Musharraf who is an ideal man and obviously being under pressure from America for the link of terrorism in the country, becoming much more secular and behaving harshly to any groups who were proclaiming for jihad, without being consider their mission.

The present event in Islamabad about Lal Masjid where the hostages were inside mostly students, women and children, and the dispute between the government army with the head of jamiah, is one of the government respond to support America, and to my view Parvez opinion to pressure the “terrorist” who are settling inside Lal Masjid by attacking the mosque is totally fatal, there will be so many innocent people who are mostly students will be died. The gunfire attack to the mosque will never be convenient to any Muslim, they won’t allow the “house of God” to be fired, and it could be only done by negotiation or others.

I would like to say Government of Pakistan action is mostly limited by America; it is not enough to collect the information come from the American intelligent only; it should have a proof and the sequence in the reality. Has it really have action to terrorism, it is not enough to proof that a person has a link to terrorism by hearing from his delivery to a wake “jihad”, Jihad in Islam has a deep meaning, and different understanding, is it enough to proof the terrorist by looking at the availability of guns, and pistol in some one house?

You would never know the real till you know that he has done that action, I can say how narrow the thinking of that person who says that any people who do a “jihad” activity is terrorist? Not at all, even many students doing a “jihad” by learning the Islamic law, and Islamic traditions, let me explain what the meaning of “jihad” is:
Jihad derived from Arabic word means Struggle, Struggle in Islam is to be struggle in their live, struggle to strengthen their Iman, struggle for live barely for Allah.
So, has “Jihad” means terrorism? I really don’t feel convenient with the situation in Pakistan, and the unwise action done by the government of Pakistan. We all hope every thing will be cured soon, the right is right and the wrong is wrong.


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