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Sense of Believe in Pilgrim

The last basic principle of Islam is to perform Pilgrim (Hajj) to those who are capable. The people who wanted to perform this pillar will be traveling from their homeland to Mecca with iman in their body. I am one of the people who had performed this pillar, from India I have straight intention for performing a hajj, I took flight from India and thus I arrived on the land of Arab, then we were brought to Indonesian Consulate General, where we clean the body and dress an Umrah clothe, and perfumed it. We leave from Jeddah to Mecca after Isha Prayer, on the way we saw the plateau and stone hills we keep pronouncing the praise to Allah almighty on our way, which make our iman far stronger then before.

Mecca is the city of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and his birthplace; I came closer to Masjidil Haram and pray in my hearth before stepping inside masjid. My eyes, ears, and body couldn't talk nor saying anything when I saw Ka'bah with my own eyes, then I am whispering; this is the place where the direction of Kiblah and the people from many parts of the world are praying toward this sacred thing. And nothing I found in it except the big house covered by the black clothe with the calligraphy writing stitched on it. I read some Arabic words to give praise of His greatness and omnipotent. I started thawaf rounding the Ka'bah with praying and praise upon Allah the almighty for seven times, finally I came to the small circle crack on the corner of Ka'bah to kiss a sacred stone hajarul aswad, there are a peaces of stone, I didn't see there is a danger for me and to other people came from the stone, then I lower my nose till it touch it, and pray for the goodness for me, family and Muslims.
Maqam Ibrahim is the step of foot of prophet Ibrahim, the founder and the first human who led down the foundation of Ka'bah and building. I pray behind it, to follow the prophet act, also it is compulsory to pray sunnah behind it after thawaf.
To believe Him but not to believe His creation, sometimes the pilgrimages unconsciously or consciously had done Syirik to acknowledge another god besides Allah, and it is ultimately condemned in Islam. Touching Maqam Ibrahim and wiped off to the face several times, with intention of getting blessing from it, many other things which have been done by the pilgrimage that followed others without acknowledging the meaning and the source of it.
Sya'i is to walk by reading Arabic word contents of praying and praise upon Allah between Saffa and Marwah for seven times back and forward, as the prophet Muhammad PBUH had done it before. The story of Sya'i is narrated to the Prophet Ibrahim's wife, Siti Hajar, she and her son Ismail in that time walking and running in small steps for several times between saffa and marwah to find the water, finally Allah presented them the water from the food step of Ismail, the water come out from the earth, which is known as Zam Zam. The water continuously flowing till now, giving the advantageous to the Arabs and their land.
Pilgrimage have to brought a peaces of stone and to throw it to jamarat in Mina, the side place out of Mecca, the stone should be thrown by the pilgrimage on their own or by some one others, however, it must follow the practice which had done by the prophet. But, during the practicing there are a number of pilgrimages who are innocently throwing a thing other then stone, such as a shoe, shock, wood, etc. and they were throwing the stone with an anger and some rudeness words, they were claiming that they are throwing a jinn or shaitan. But exactly it is not, it is just a big stone which is called jamarat and the pilgrimage had not to show a kind of anger or other abusing words but they ought to say Bismillahi Allahu Akbar in the name of Allah the almighty. Obviously the meaning of throwing the stone by mentioning the praise upon Allah is to accustom the pilgrimage to the saying of praising upon His greatness, as the obligation between creatures to his creator.
Hajj is to perform religious duties, the action is by visiting the holy places and to invest the whole body and property to Him alone and confessing the sins and to be sincere in every acts merely for Him. On the occasion of Hajj there will be no compare between a rich and a poor, a strong and a weak, a black skin and white, a king and a slave. Every human being is same in front of Him, each one are wrapped only by white clothe to cover their 'aurat or privy parts. Thus Islam taught every Muslims to be equal to others and to disregard the dignity as a big thing in this world, because the human are a small thing their head couldn't touch the sky and grab the whole earth in their hand. And finally all of them will be returned to their source.
With the passing of years the development is took place and the human increasing further and further, which will require the larger space for the pilgrimage in performing the hajj and avoiding the massive and unexpected substance which may occur due to the small space in performing hajj. Related to this matter there are many controversial opinions from the ulama or the scholars commenting on this matter, such as Sya'i on the second floor of masjid, mabit, to remain a night at a place, and many other matters. Sya'i at the second floor of masjid to my opinion is allowed, due to the insufficient place around ka'bah, furthermore, in the second floor the space is larger and the distance is more far to that of around ka'bah. While, mabit, to remain a night at a place called Mina, with the insufficient place to stay inside Mina, the ulama has decided in expanding the boundary, so that, the pilgrimage do not worry of remaining outside the previous boundary during the prophet time, because it is also important to avoid the inconvenient due to the massive place.
Finally, the reward for Muslim who had done pilgrimage is nothing save Jannah or paradise. The Muslim who had done the last pillar of Islam should keep in mind that they had completed the whole five pillars of Islam, now, the only believing on the oneness of Allah and always asking forgiveness whenever the irreligious action and the whisper of Shaitan hindering. Allah has mentioned in the Qur'an:
"And O my people! Let not my Shiqaq (enmity, anger and opposition) cause you to suffer the fate similar to that of the people of Nuh or of Hud or of Salih, and the people of Lut are not far off from you!
"And ask forgiveness of your Lord and turn unto him in repentance. Verily, my Lord is Most Merciful, Most Loving." (Hud 89-90).


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