Saturday, May 27, 2006


It gives me immense pleasure to get close with in providing the articles around the Economic of Islam, in which the circumstance of Islamic Economy now a day become a vital issue among the people in Muslim and Non-Muslim countries.

The system of Economic Shari’ah had grown enormously, this tremendous change in economic had become a burning topic to discuss among the youth in the learning circle. The enthusiastic of people to the economic shariah were described by their willingness in understanding this recent type of economy, many questions grew among the peoples to the use of economic shariah, and it impact upon the societies particularly in this era of globalization.

After the main power had shifted to Western, for about two hundred years the economic main power was based on capitalism and socialism, the basis of its ideology does not relevant to the religion and morality, all the issues related to the economic will be solved according to the economic’s law which is mostly irreligious.

Seeing from the mentioned phenomenon, the Islamic scholars trying to put the balance between economic acts and shari’ah, the main objective is to bring into play the main stream of Islamic law in economics, so that there would be no collapse among the economic acts, religion and morality.

The questions regarding the economic issues exploded in the countries of the world, the era of globalization and diversity of the people would be much felt with the growing economic in the whole parts or the world. To my viewpoint it is not enough to impose a single-track vision if we want to get ahead. It is important to see the outlook of the different society and economic in this era of globalization.

Through the transfer of knowledge which I have obtained and through the various discussion and suggestions which I would publish in this blog, the smell of Islamic Economy will be well-understood by the people, hopefully it would be much more advantage for the young researchers in finding their sources.


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